Sarah Wicker Innate

Sarah Wicker

Mental Health Therapist


Sarah has been working with young children and adolescents who range from having emotional trauma, mental health disorders, and developmental and behavioral disabilities for over 10 years. Sarah has worked in many environments including home, residential facilities, and hospitalization. Sarah has worked with ages 7-21 including their parents and other care providers.

Sarah is excited to support clients with individualized treatment plans that take into account the complexities of each client's experience. Sarah strives to create an environment that promotes healing, understanding, productive communication, and overall well-being. She has experience and training in a variety of therapeutic approaches, including EMDR, which allows her to personalize care to each of her unique clients. Sarah available to work one on one with clients, or counsel groups/families.

True recovery and growth come from identifying and supporting the right problems, learning individual needs, safe forms of expression, and coping skills, so that an individual can continue to feel well throughout their lifetime. Healing is not a linear journey, but we don’t have to let a diagnosis, symptom, or bad day define us.