ALi Lessard Innate

Ali Lessard

Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Ali has enjoyed working with pediatric and adolescent clients in behavior management for over eight years. She has experience in caring for individuals in a variety of settings including outpatient care, in-home support, and school-based services. Ali has worked with children and adolescents ages 2-20, and has a particular interest in early childhood intervention.

Ali recognizes the benefits of developing a personalized approach for each family she works with and strives to nurture what is unique about each child. Ali is passionate about helping parents strengthen positive behaviors in their children, while also supporting parents in the reduction of problem behaviors. Ali joined Innate Way Wellness because she recognized the positive impact a holistic approach can have on behavior intervention.

She feels in order to truly help a child thrive, all the factors contributing to dysfunctional or inappropriate behaviors must first be identified and understood. Children want to be successful and with the right family support, better behavioral outcomes are possible.

Ali believes that “beneath every behavior, there is a feeling and beneath each feeling is a need. When we meet that need, rather than focus on the behavior, we begin to deal with the cause, not the symptom.”